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A raid boss and 19 new skilling pets debut few hours later
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Still some of Ian's ideas didn't make into runescape

It is like the end of an era here at Jagex. Ian Gower spending half of his life working on the RS game and we all know and love. Today we must say farewell to Ian Gower. Let us come together as a community to show him love and support for his many years working on Jagex.

Ian contributes to creating Hunter and developing Deadman Mode
Ian has made an indelible contribution to the development of runescape. From creating Hunter to developing Deadman Mode, Ian has been deeply involved in many iconic and impactful pieces of content. Now as RS players, we'd like to thank him for his vast contributions over his time here.

Ian's latest contribution to RuneScape was as an engine developer
Generally speaking, Ian's latest contribution to RuneScape was as an engine developer on the Old School team. Jagex is currently hiring for multiple engine developers to fill Ian’s shoes and offer greater flexibility in how to deal with engine requests.

Just as the following pictures showing, there are still some of Ian's ideas didn't make into runescape. We still hope that maybe 5+ years down the line. If Jagex is still standing strong, they can bring Ian back for another project.

Ian has been a really important part of RuneScape from its inception and will always have a special place in the community’s heart. There are many players influenced by him and then start buy osrs gold to play OSRS. He is definitely a legend. We can still keep up with what Ian is up to by following him on Twitter!

We2 runescape feedback

Overall, the second world event seems to be much better put together than the Battle of Lumbridge was. It's shorter, it has PvP, the votes are closer together and seem to make more of a difference, and many other things are improved.

That said, it's certainly not a perfect event. There are several things that can be improved, and if all of the changes in this thread were applied, the event would be much more fun for everyone, as well as better balanced.

Building Nodes

One of the biggest problems with this event is that building/destroying/repairing is simply way too slow. It takes way too long to actually be worth it most of the time - the only real use for it is to gain renown. It takes too long to actually be strategic. It's as if it's balanced to have 1k people working on a node at the same time...

Imagine a game of conquest in Battlefield that took 10 minutes to capture a node. Would that be fun? No, instead everyone would ignore the actual points and just kill eachother. Sound familiar? It's exactly what's happening in this event.

So, how should this change? First of all, it's important to understand that the current building speed is reasonable. It takes a while, but it can be dealt with.

The destroying/repairing speeds, however, are abysmal. What should happen is simple: the destroying speed should be half of the building speed, and the repairing speed should be a third of the building speed.

This makes it easy to build, but still harder to destroy, while at the same time making destroying a point actually have an effect. Also, repairing is currently absolutely pointless - it does almost nothing. This would also make repairing useful.

Another important change that needs to happen is to lift the cap on building speed. Currently, when you hit 30k renown your building/destroying/repairing speed seems to be roughly a third of what it was while you had energy left. As if it wasn't slow enough before, after capping your efforts hardly affect the buildings. Why should this be so? If I want to continue playing the event after I'm capped and I'm getting minimal rewards, why should my efforts be hampered? It just doesn't make sense, and once again removes any strategy linked to nodes whatsoever.

Nodes Cont.

An issue currently with nodes is that they give easy afk renown. That's not a problem in itself, however it encourages people to just afk them for their 30k renown per day. This in turn leads people to repair nodes, even if they're at 100% health already.

To fix this, there is one logical solution. If the node is at full hp it could simply not give renown for repairing. This could be done by preventing people from repairing or just by making it give no renown for repairing while at full hp.

This would force people to actually play the event, instead of Runescape Gold just afking a node for 30k renown. At the very least, it would force people to afk different nodes.

Is Armadyl the good choice for you?

Some lamps give a set amount of experience regardless of the level. Genie lamps are most commonly used by players to advance skills that are either low or considered hard to level RuneScape Gold. Combat skills are seen as a poor use of the lamp, unless one is a Combat pure, as lamps allow pures to gain Combat experience without training Constitution. Skillers often use lamps to train Slayer without raising their combat. Sometimes, a player may hold onto the lamp until they gain a level, especially if they are close to one.

This is because it will give slightly more experience at a higher level.Another common reason for a player keeping a lamp would be for the ease of reaching celebrated levels like a 99. This makes the level-up significantly easier and allows the player to have a much wider choice of level-up locations.Receive your lamp to gain more rewards! Meanwhile, buy cheapest runescape gold with paysafecard from  to enjoy runescape more!In the upcoming world event, you may need to find a cheapest site to buy old school rs gold, as well as decide which side you will choose - Armadyl or Bandos.

Is Armadyl the good choice for you? Or you want to side with Bandos to earn some relics of a dead god? You may find your answer below!ArmadylTo enter Armadyl's Eyrie you must have level 70 ranged and use a mithril grapple (with a crossbow) to cross the gap. Armadyl's fighters, Kree'arra, although the lowest leveled of the God Wars bosses, has the highest max hit, an impressive 690 using ranged. They can also hit up to 500 with melee, and up to 250 with magic. However, they will only use their melee attack if no-one is currently attacking them, so melee attacks usually aren't much of a problem in groups.

Their magic and ranged attacks are performed at the same time, and hit every player in the room.Prized drops from Kree'Arra and their minions include Armadyl ranged armour, Armadyl Godsword hilt, and godsword shards.BandosBandos has one of the greatest populations of followers in all of Old School Runescape Gold. Most of his followers are depicted as ugly and bad-tempered beings with low intelligence. It is mainly their lack of mental acumen, dispersed numbers, and disorganization which RS Gold prevented them from causing serious problems for the rest of the world.

Boss Pet Overrides

A new announcement concerning three game updates of varying importance and impact were posted on the official RuneScape website. If you haven’t seen it yet, read on to find out more.

Starting small, Jagex announced the upcoming Boss Pet Overrides. While having miniscule impact on gameplay, it’s a nice cosmetic function which will probably be enjoyed by most players. In essence, once you kill a boss, you can get a boss pet. Once you do, you will be able to override or skin any familiar you summon to look similar to the boss pet you have. If that wasn’t cool enough, the fresh-looking familiar will have new animations for its actions as well.

The next batch of changes will have slightly more impact on gameplay. Jagex decided to improve God Wars Dungeon 2. While most if not all changes fall under QoL improvements, progress is welcome nevertheless. Here’s the full list of planned improvements:

    Each boss will now have a kill timer;

    Using the kill count interface, you will be able to renew the instance without even stepping foot outside;

    The kill count interface will allow you to check your assigned bounty from Feng the Bounty Master;

    The kill count interface will also show you your current reputation points;

    The kill count interface will have an option to make it smaller and slimmer;

    You will be able to look up drop tables for mobs inside the dungeon;

    Boss clickzones are to be improved;

    The option to prevent dealing damage to NPCs of your faction and the option to automatically collect ingression fragments will be added;

    The Aftershock Invention perk will proc more frequently;

    Bloom for the Twin Furies’ weapon gems has been added.

    Finally, the NXT client will have some bugs fixed and a couple of options added. To read more, head to?the official RuneScape website.

    As Bugs Bunny was so fond of saying, that’s all folks. We hope you found this post informative. Come back later to find out the latest buy osrs gold or continue browsing our website. Who knows, you might find something interesting to read.

May weekends will also help you play RuneScape

May weekends will also help you play RuneScape more efficiently by providing you with certain bonuses each weekend. We recommend taking advantage of these boosts to make it easier to achieve your RuneScape goals.

Whether you decide to take advantage of the May Weekends’ bonuses or not, you should know that the first round of weekend boosts will start on the 6th of May at 12:00 UTC and it will be turned off on the 9th of May, at 12:00 UTC.

First of all, it will be a very good idea to take your adventures to Runespan because node spawn rates will be increased and rewards doubled. You will also be twice as likely to find relics, the Sceptre of the gods and Black Ibis gear in Pyramid Plunder. If only Indiana Jones did his stuff on May Weekends!

If that wasn’t enough, Enriched wisps will also spawn every 10 minutes instead of the usual 20, Divination springs will last twice as long, and Buy RS Gold fishing spots will move half as often, which will make farming much more fun.