RuneScape Legacy Mode will be launched later in July

Through the recent poll of Legacy Mode, there are overwhelming 80% of players who voted to the yes. Therefore, Jagex is into their last few weeks of development, which means you still got a few weeks to get ready for it. We'd love to offer you an extra discount code for letting you store some cheap rs 3 gold for legacy mode. Be ready!

RuneScape Legacy Mode will be launched later in July

Jagex is now implementing the last few changes -including adding the old animations and combat stance.

On the one hand, they are going to balance all of the combat codes in runescape – both Legacy and EoC modes - to be more effective the more input and skill you have. On the other hand, they have brought back a few iconic weapon animations, which should help make rs Legacy PKing feel more authentic.

Additionally, there are also an updated level 138 combat formula, special attacks and loads of balancing changes based on your feedback.

RS Legacy Mode will be a selectable mode

Legacy is a selectable mode that brings back the traditional no-abilities RuneScape combat that many players miss, plus the old-style interfaces from before EoC.

That means if you are one of the thousands who like using EoC, there will be no changes for you. And if you are one those who have returned to try out Legacy, you will be able to find vides, guide and information to help you enjoy it.

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Legacy Mode will significantly improve the health of the game, because players who didn’t get on with EoC now don’t have to avoid combat, and players who left because of EoC now have a way of playing comfortably again.

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If you are a traditional combat fan, you can have all of these things while playing the latest combat content, alongside those who prefer the newer style of runescape gold. Come to join legacy mode with sufficient EoC gold. Have fun!