That is kind of a new way of looking at things

That is kind of a new way of looking at things, in the sense that most MMOs do spend a great deal of resources on building worlds. And that's expensive. Content creation is a relatively expensive resource in game development, versus creating sort of a different paradigm that's based on for the game, for the players.It could have a lot of potential.MK Yeah, you could see that as the fundamental way that we're looking to shift some things around and, like you said, change the paradigm.Do you have a time frame for the game announcement?MK No. We're currently in discussions about that. laughs In the coming months.Fair enough. You have to be looking at not just the competition in terms of what's out or what's on the market already, but also in terms of upcoming titles. Some major titles that I'm looking at are Trion World, who has an unnamed fantasy MMO. There's Star Wars, from BioWare, and 38 Studios has a title. Do you have any thoughts on your position against upcoming titles, as well as current market titles?MW To the extent that there's information available, we're always trying to make ourselves aware of the landscape.

And again, I think Mark managed to do a very great thing early on he chose a niche that's still, we believe, wide open for us.MK I'll also add that, while we do scout out the other titles in development, we're not too concerned about it. We kind of think about it as running like a sleigh race or a marathon, where it's really important to keep your eyes on the finish line of what's going to make your game really fun to play, and not be looking over your shoulder too much. That could really be distracting from reaching the end there.MW Yeah, we've taken great steps to identify the game aspects that make this a game people will want to play and that will keep people playing it over an extended length of time. And those are very central to how we designed the game.Do you find that any of the discussions about the morality of MMOs, from the developer standpoint, of creating games that encourage devotionI hesitate to use the word addiction, but devotion. Where do you see that as relevant to your efforts?MK We provide fun experiences. It's up to parents and individuals to moderate their time in fun experiences. I think, we don't have any qualities that differ from any of the other, usual hobbies out there.MW I don't think there's anything inherently negative about the social aspects of MMOs, if you approach it maturely. I think the social aspects are very important to us, and we believe it's a central part of what we're doing as well.

French tools developer NSided has announced a new avatar creation solution for virtual worlds and MMOGs, QUIDAM. The company promises the software isunique in combining and merging various anatomical elements and clothes into one seamless model.?The company touts QUIDAM's ability to export multiresolution models with meshes, textures, UV maps, bones and skinning to the 3D modeling tools including 3D Studio Max and Maya.QUIDAM includes several other tools aimed at accelerating production, such as a geometric engine to allow artists to Runescape3 gold search through databases of body parts, clothes and props before automatically merging all parts intoone seamless model.We strongly believe in the development of Virtual Worlds and Massive Multiplayer Online Games. By anticipating the market?s considerable needs, NSided has been focusing its work on realtime for years and is now able to claim a leading position by offering a productive and mature solution for avatar creation.said Pierre Bretagnolle, President of NSided.