Portable Skill Stations

Treasure Hunter has four portable skill channels up for holds.

Portable skill channels come in four varieties: the portable create, portable variety, portable well and portable sawmill. They can be placed anywhere that you can mild a flame, and they’re noticeable and useful by gamers in the place.

The portable create enhances up as a heater and an anvil, so it can be used for both smelting and smithing. It gives you a 5% possibility of developing dual cafes while smelting, and +10% additional Smithing XP. Also, when smithing, the portable create has a opportunity to decrease the variety of cafes used. On regular, you’ll use 10% less cafes while using it.

Feeling hungry? The portable variety gives +21% Meals preparation XP and a 5% possibility of generating dual the prepared food.

The portable well is only available to associates, and functions as a herblore place. Use it to get vials of normal water, that provide +10% Herblore XP when completing products plus a 5% improved possibility of developing two products instead of one.

Another members-only skill place - the portable sawmill - allows you to turn records into panels at a 10% reduced money price than Old School Runescape Gold regular. If you’re fortunate, you may even get protean panels when using it!

All of the portable skill channels last for five moments, so create the most of your skilling time!