The Building Expansion

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The Building Expansion
These altars allow you to switch amongst the ancient, lunar, arceuus and occult spellbooks in the comfort  of one's own household. It's essential to meet each of the usual needs so that you can use these altars to  access spellbooks.

In order to develop each of those altars you are going to have to receive the suitable signet. Signets are  handed out by NPCs you are likely to have encountered within your travels:

Ancient signet - Speak to Eblis in the mirrors by the Bandit Camp.
Requires completion of Desert Treasure.

Lunar signet - Trade with Baba Yaga.
Needs completion of Lunar Diplomacy.

Dark signet - Speak to Tyss by the Dark Altar.
Requires 100% Arceuus favour.

Adventure log hotspot
The adventure log may be the ideal way to show your guests the a variety of beasts you have taken on in  your time. It allows guests to view your boss kill log and Slayer kill log, as well as a new show for  displaying your Champions' Challenge progress, plus some other information in addition to.

The Building Expansion
Jewellery box hotspot

The jewellery box hotspot lets you build boxes containing completely different kinds of enchanted  jewellery, supplying an unlimited variety of charges.

The Building Expansion
Your jewellery box can be upgraded to involve a games necklace, ring of dueling, expertise necklace, amulet  of glory, ring of wealth and combat bracelet. When you identify yourself burning by means of charges, a  jewellery box is for you! Its menu responds to keyboard short-cuts for optimal gainz.

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