Will be Clan Cup?

On 7th September, the Clan Cup begins, while using competition running over a few weeks.

Registration will open soon, in August. We'll inform you about when applications open, so keep an eye on this news as well as the Clan Cup forums.

Will be Clan Cup?

The Clan Cup is an annual tournament where RuneScape clans do grapple with skill or arms for celebration and glory.

Clans of all experience are this is compete together. While some of the highest-

ranking clans will be participating, everyone is able to find something fun and exciting to get acquainted with throughout the tournament.

I will be running several different types of competitions to make certain that everyone will discover something to take pleasure from. These includes:

Combat - EoC Full Out P2P Combat Cup
Combat – EoC Full Out F2P Combat Cup
Combat - Legacy Full Out P2P Combat Cup
Combat - Legacy Full Out F2P Combat Cup
Combat - 20vs20 P2P Combat Cup
Combat - 20vs20 F2P Combat Cup
Skilling Cup
Boss Cup
Old School RS Gold