Boss Pet Overrides

A new announcement concerning three game updates of varying importance and impact were posted on the official RuneScape website. If you haven’t seen it yet, read on to find out more.

Starting small, Jagex announced the upcoming Boss Pet Overrides. While having miniscule impact on gameplay, it’s a nice cosmetic function which will probably be enjoyed by most players. In essence, once you kill a boss, you can get a boss pet. Once you do, you will be able to override or skin any familiar you summon to look similar to the boss pet you have. If that wasn’t cool enough, the fresh-looking familiar will have new animations for its actions as well.

The next batch of changes will have slightly more impact on gameplay. Jagex decided to improve God Wars Dungeon 2. While most if not all changes fall under QoL improvements, progress is welcome nevertheless. Here’s the full list of planned improvements:

    Each boss will now have a kill timer;

    Using the kill count interface, you will be able to renew the instance without even stepping foot outside;

    The kill count interface will allow you to check your assigned bounty from Feng the Bounty Master;

    The kill count interface will also show you your current reputation points;

    The kill count interface will have an option to make it smaller and slimmer;

    You will be able to look up drop tables for mobs inside the dungeon;

    Boss clickzones are to be improved;

    The option to prevent dealing damage to NPCs of your faction and the option to automatically collect ingression fragments will be added;

    The Aftershock Invention perk will proc more frequently;

    Bloom for the Twin Furies’ weapon gems has been added.

    Finally, the NXT client will have some bugs fixed and a couple of options added. To read more, head to?the official RuneScape website.

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