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As scheduled, Jagex will hold a live stream to show off 19 new skilling pets and Demon Flash Mob a new raid boss. Also, it is said that the thieving pet will be done by Friday. What are you hesitating? It's time to prepare cheap rs 2007 gold online for OSRS skilling pets now!

A raid boss and 19 new skilling pets debut few hours later
Jagex has an 8-hour live stream today, which will start at 12pm BST. It’s few hours later! It’s confirmed that they will design a raid boss and also show off the 19 new Old school RS skill pets.

Astonishingly, the official also announced that the thieving pets are underway, and all 4 among them should be done by Friday evening. And the thieving pet is likely to hit the shelves this month. For all these new contents, you should take time to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to get ready!

Get free runescape 2007 gold from 4rsgold to prepare
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