When you can get free RS gold

Are you a loyal customer of 4rsgold? To celebrate 4rsgold 8th anniversary and convey our sincere thanks for your support, 4rsgold would like to Shortcuts offer free gold as gift to you all. Thanks for you to choose 4rsgold as your RS gold supplier. If you buy cheap Runescape gold on 4rsgold from Mar. 21 to Mar. 31, you can receive free RS gold from us. Learn how to get free gold on 4rsgold.

When you can get free RS gold?
From Mar. 21, 2016 – Mar. 31, 2016, you can get free gold on 4rsgold if you meet the following requirements:

1. You can get free 10M RS 3 gold or 2M RS 07 gold once your completed orders’ total paid achieve $100 totally.
2. You can get free 25M RS 3 gold or 5M RS 07 gold once your completed orders’ total paid achieve $200 totally.

* You are allowed to add your total paid of different completed orders to achieve our criterion and get free RS gold during activity time.
* We will check out whether your orders meet our requirements when you claim free gold on 4rsgold Facebook.
* Once you claim your free RS gold, you will have a new start to achieve the criterion.
* There is no limit to your free gold redeem times.

Get free prize code on 4rsgold Facebook:
1. If you are not a 4rsgold Facebook fan yet, like 4rsgold Facebook first.
2. You must be proactive and send PM to Facebook to claim for free gold once you meet our requirements.
3. You will be offered a one-off free gold code from 4rsgold Facebook.
4. 4rsgold Facebook working hours: 01: 00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. GMT from Monday to Friday. (You can leave message to Facebook during nonworking hours and we will reply you during working hours).

Place your free RS gold order on 4rsgold:
1. Back to 4rsgold and place an order by choosing the corresponding gold amount and use the code to get free order.
2. Contact 24/7 Live Help to ask for your gold once you placed free order successfully on 4rsgold.
3. 4rsgold is the only place where you get your free gold since 4rsgold Facebook is not in charge of gold delivery service.
4. You can get extra help about this activity on 4rsgold Facebook.

If you want to buy cheap RS gold on 4rsgold during activity time, just make sure to add up your orders and get free RS gold or Runescape 2007 gold. On Mar. 28, you can also get free RS gold by finding Easter eggs, so make sure to visit 4rsgold regularly to get cheapest and free RS gold. Have fun.