Always level up your Slayer

After playing Runescape for a long time, chances are that you have a quite high level account. You see, a high level account worth a lot to a player, so it is very necessary for you to make the most of your high level account and Shadow Gorilla armour gain more Runescape gold in game. If you are in need of Runescape gold when playing Runescape, you can consider buying RS gold cheap on 4rsgold. Here are some things you should keep in mind to when it comes to high level account.
Unlock high-level rewards from questsbuy cheapest RS gold on 4rsgold

Once achieved a high account level, some players will hesitate to waste their time on doing quests. In fact, doing quests in game will unlock several high-level rewards for players that shouldn't be overlooked. Typically, quests are required for just about all high-level content including Achievement equipment, slayer monsters, non-degradable armour and weapons with niche uses, new locations, new methods of training, and uniquely developed stories unlike any other games.
Tier 90 Weapon in your preferred attack style

Dual-Wield will provide more variety for bossing and slayer, but some two-handed weapons have niche uses for massive damage or experience rates. You see, Noxious Longbow is great for all bossing situations where you aren't tanking (and even then you can switch to Dark Bow to activate defensives). It has a great range, much more than Ascensions, but at the cost of some attack speed. It shines at bosses like Nex and Araxxor because it's sheer damage can't be beat.
Always level up your Slayer

Even you achieved a high level account, you should not give up level up your Slayer. As you can see, Slayer is the primary skill that you should train simply since it provides experience in multiple skills and it also rewards you with profitable drops and resources. What is more, it has the most content in-game for a skill and it ties in with quests more than any other skill. If you are in need of RS gold while level up your Slayer, you can buy cheapest RS 3 gold on 4rsgold to help you.

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