Explore Abyss to gain Defence level

In order to make your in-game character become better, you have to gain all kinds of necessary skills. One of the most important skills is Spirit of Summer. There are many ways you can opt for to increase your Defence level, like completing slayer tasks, killing Glacors, and doing quests in the Abyss. Meanwhile, you can buy RS 3 gold on 4rsgold to get your runescape gold ready for the these tasks.

Complete slayer task to increase Defence level
Slayer is of course, the most efficient way to gain Defence level, especially if you want to knock out another 120 slayer at the same time, along with possibly several other 120s, like combat. It can be wise for you to use the god wars method, especially if you have the max guild teleport. For instance, you can do dark beasts for 120 Defence by using Ascensions and Armady.

Explore Abyss to gain Defence level

You can explore the Abyss if you can afford the weaponry like Noxious Scythe, Superior Elite Void and Blood amulet of Fury. You can keep you occupied by doing some bossing, pking, skills or quests. Abyss though is generally crowded and you won't make much money from it. If you are in lack ofrunescape 3 gold while gaining Defence in the Abyss, you can buy cheap runescape gold on 4rsgold.

Kill Glacors to add Defence level
Glacors can easily offer you Defence if you are able to access to the equilibrium aura. Glacors also can be more profitable than staying at the abyss. It's one of the best experience rates for Defence and you can make a lot of money by doing this. It has a huge quest requirement, but it's worth since killing Glacors can be quite profitable, for instance, you can get lots of blues and crimson charms. Glacors can be the best bet if you want to gain Defence and runescape 3 gold at same time.

All these ways can be great options for you if you want to achieve 120 Defence quickly. While you are gaining Defence level, you will need Runescape 07 gold. 4rsgold can be a great website to buy rs 3 gold. You can find Pandora’s Box on 4rsgold on September 14th to get free runescape 3 gold. Good luck!