Current state of these pet dragons

Shadow and fire drake as legendary pets have been available in Solomon's Store for a limited time only. The size of the new pet impels people to Shortcuts take time to buy and try it. But the high cost makes many people linger outside. At that moment, you might as well kill dragon and receive egg drop by yourself, at least you can get cheapest rs3 gold from 4rsgold at any time.

Huge size of these new legendary pet dragons in Runescape
Similarly with other legendary pets, these winged beasts have three stages of growth, plus emotes and a load of useful abilities. But differently, its size impels so many people to purchase it quickly. It is almost 3 times bigger than players, and skilling seems to be the only dominant pet now.

Current state of these pet dragons
There are two ways to unlock it. One is grinding out gathering charms for hours on end, spending tons of in-game cash, and finally killing dragons until receiving the egg drop. And another is paying for it with real life money.

Obviously, the latter is simpler ever. But do you know that it would cost $50 just to buy enough coins in 1 go to get the pet. If you don’t have enough coins, you have to purchase bonds selling for over 10m since the pet release. Actually, if you are an rs member, it could be cheap for you, because you can get the bond for membership, instead affording it at over 10m.

It is well known that microtransactions make way more money than subscriptions for Jagex. Is it possible that Jagex makes MTX available in game in the future?

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